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September 15, 2010


Rob Paterson

Had the same feeling as I read it - the irony is that discourse is now dead - so then is any chance of working on our problems - except maybe outside our tiny little group - dogma and emotion rule


Beware of the Puriri tree, old dog
Stay away from the worm-farm shade
eschew the cacophanous clamour
of amplified fear and confusion
Seek wisdom in hairdressers' hands
ritually cleanse, clarify, strengthen,
reconstruct, replenish rejuvenate,
ease cares, appease gods, find solace
insight and hair to die for.


Earl Mardle

Hi Steve

Now most of the wisdom you peddle is pretty good, except for the hairdresser thing, I think your might be overcharging.

On the ritual issue, you missed out the two most profitable steps of all


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