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December 14, 2009


Account Deleted

Should the question be "can we afford NOT to take the time to be creative?" Even more important when it is easy to allow think time to get crowded out by busy-ness ... not taking the time for creativity will doom us to an ever-decreasing spiral into a no-longer-sentient state

Earl Mardle

I completely support your contention Ric, but the reason I have asked the question is that I think we are passing through one of Tim Flannery's one-way gates into a place where the swamp is already full of alligators.

I don't the deny the preferability of having the luxury of think time, but frankly we have wasted it so far as the current debacle in Denmark is demonstrating.

The only thing our leadership appears cap[able of thinking during its think time is how to avoid doing anything constructive with it and we appear to have failed to wrest from their hands the levers of power.

And IF we don't have that leisure any more, how should we behave? What are the decision-making tools that will best suit our needs?

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