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December 09, 2009


Account Deleted

While I love Australia, and enjoy its lifestyle and opportunities, I also think New Zealand is one of the few countries that DOESN'T need to feel inferior :). I certainly don't think any country should want to be "more like" some other - be "more like" yourselves and take full advantage of the differences ... if New Zealand were more like Australia, there'd be no point in me going back for another visit, would there?

Earl Mardle

Its actually just a cynical ploy to exploit our supposed sense of inferiority to get passed some of the usual neo-lib fantasies.

They remind me of the communists in about 1925 or 30 who discovered that reality did not conform to their political utopia and people had to be forced to conform.

These guys are social Lysenkoists and they wont ever accept that their hallucination of economic purity is slightly less than BS. At least BS can grow pumpkins.

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