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October 19, 2009


Don Rae

I'm afraid the unnamed logo reminds me of a childish scribble made with a felt pen that's running out of ink.

Print-wise, this will be awful to reproduce, for one, blue is the slowest drying ink (not sure why). Other hard-copy reproduction such as signage will be equally fun.

Good luck to all associated with this logo ... no doubt it's a hugely expensive logo for a global firm I should know about but it rings no bells.

On the upside, it'll be hard to copy!

Re meaning? Chaos? Some kind of atomic/whirling electron association? What the sun looks like after Armageddon? Beats me...

I agree with you that it's the pig that counts, not the lipstick but I wonder if ANZ think of themselves as a pig? (Not that I am describing them as such.) :-)

http://thefinancialbrand.com/2009/04/21/anz-new-logo/ ...

ANZ's new logo has cost $15m so, being that banks are not noted for frivolous spending, they must see a future ROI.

I think good logos become both a symbol to and a badge for consumers of how those consumers experience and value a business in its totality.

But the logo is still only a visual manifestation of the brand.

For an Apple or Nike or a Louis Vuitton or any other famous global brand, I'd expect the value of that brand has a real number beside it on the balance sheet, which would be based on an aggregated valuation of all the customer's perceptions of and experience with those brands. The product, the people, where the product is bought, how others perceive the product and the business... in other words every way that the business touches the customers.

By itself, a logo has no value until value has been created by the business. For a startup that hasn't traded yet, the value has to be ipso facto negative.

So you are entirely right, a logo has no meaning or value until we have experienced it over time, and the business has delivered value to its customers.




it looks like someone desperately drowning in post-ironicism trying to follow the current re-coolness of the circular (japanese Mon) logo

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