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May 17, 2009



>Nope complex adaptive systems need to sleep as well. If they don't they go crazy, then they die.

unless they're dolphins


"pretty good mind" - praise indeed!


If you notice I didn't say "at their full capacity" but "to their full capacity" and I didn't remotely suggest this should be all of the time!

Earl Mardle

Euan, your mind may be pretty good but my attention span isn't, that's The Obvious.

Interesting though that that was the message I took. Scanning web pages misses subtlety.


SUBtlty? SUBtlty!?!?
i've got subtilty coming out my fucking ARSE, i have!!


Earl Mardle

Interesting, someone has a script that is finding a comment and duplicating it.

Second time this has happened in 2 days.

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