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March 20, 2009



This was a good reminder post. I remember reading the Black Swan post and wondering if the end was near, or if it was just another correction. You called it better than I.

I think the reason why so much of my country's money is being shoveled into AIG (Arrogant, Ignorant, Goofs) is that the system is panicked about the possibility of another country going bankrupt. Iceland is serious, but can be explained away. Ireland or Spain could not be explained away. Then we would all have to face the fact that we are in a new paradigm with all the disruption that entails.


Sorry, I've been off, while I've been busy, I've managed to braid more rope and We're Ok here.

Ireland May Follow Iceland into the drain soon, as the government can't seem to manage without the bankers and developers having a hand up their backs to animate them. There is real talk about revolution here, 1929 seems too long between governments.

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