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December 01, 2008



>Treasurer Peter Costello out there "warning" that if demographic trends continued, Australia's population would halve by natural attrition by 2050

are you as bemused as i am by the raw expression of simple-minded genetic drive that so often drives public writers to warn of the dread-ful peril of reducing population? it is no more than the genes writ large, roaring their primal need to live.


alternatively expressed:
more living room, reduced pressure on under-invested public facilities (sewerage, roads, electricity, etc), reduced pressure on known-exhausting needful resources such as food and extractable minerals.
equivalent or superior wealth per-capita, due to technology improvements, even assuming no change in technology from today.

most people would describe this more toward the Eden end of the spectrum than the Hell end.

Earl Mardle

Hi Sal.

Not so much bemused as scared witless. If it was some semi-sane loon preaching on a street corner I would give him a wide berth and hope that his meds kicked in soon, but these are the people making decisions for all of us.

Even scarier, the voters keep putting them back in rather than having them put away and taken care of till the brain farts slow down and give way to the beatific smile and silence.


yeah, but the scarier thing is: it's a worldwide syndrome.

intermittently, you see EXACTLY the same come out of brit, german, japanese, american, russian, etc pollies.

it's DNA-level, i reckon

Earl Mardle

So what is the answer. You have said you think the underpinnings are sound, yet the steering is in the hands of nutters.

So, for the common bod hanging on by the skin of their teeth, what is a rational strategy?


shoot anyone who wants to lead the country


shoot anyone who feels a burning need for the country to HEAR THEIR VOICE

Earl Mardle


Unlike bloggers who merely want the world to hear their voice but whose leadership ambitions are ...

What exactly?


...and yet gays and lesbians cannot adopt. Wouldn't that be a way, small as it may seem statistically, to increase the population? Do they have to pop out of an Australian vagina to count? Don't get me wrong, I'm the happy stepfather of an 11 y/o (albeit with rights that are as yet largely unprotected), but I'm all for reduced population growth. This baby bonus thing is for the birds.

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