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December 02, 2008



hmm! partly-paid shares offered with no CLEAR notice that they were not the now-usual fully-paid shares? (partly-paid shares have been a rarity for nearly a century.) clear breach of the contract law requirement of Notice.

tough luck on brisconnections if they were unaware their chosen distributors-of-stock were not complying with the law. the fiduciary responsibility for their agents' actions is theirs; hence the responsibility for fiscal restitution is theirs: they have to back out the purchases at no cost to the purchasers.

Earl Mardle


Brings a whole new meaning to "The spokesman said investors who purchased BrisConnections stock without seeking advice were "playing Russian roulette". "It has been the unspoken law of investing since day one," he said

Lets hope the company that chose intermediaries without ensuring their compliance finds the regulatory and legal teeth buried in their butt.

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