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August 12, 2008



I expect that when most people set out to create such a thing, they expect it to end up with a great creation. All too often, the project gets hijacked or sometimes just drives off the road into the ditch. I wouldn't say that they were wasting time, anymore then the early attempts to create the Panama Canal were a waste of time. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Earl Mardle

Completely agree Steve.

I think the great thing about Kos is that he understands that he can't control a community and that the community itself will decide whether he succeeds or fails at his primary task.

Simple things like posting that note in the diary as an ordinary community member when he could easily have posted on the main page tell a huge story.

The fact that communities dwealqa weith a whole range of things, not just your favourite topic is something that he gets in his DNA, if he wants to meet his own goals, the best way is to let the people he asks for help to use the tools to meet THEIR goals.

The huge focus on Edward's aduktery wiould have been anathema to most other community "owners" because it would have undermined the message or something, but at Kos it is the community dealing with a problem and healing the wounds.

That Elizabeth Edwards (who already has her owjn serious health problems to deal with) felt comforttable posting her own response again, speaks volumes for what Kos (the community of that name) has achieved.

And they do it in many different ways; not just sharing information or funding candidates but, for example, when Bill in Portland maine lost his job and said he would have to pull back from his Cheers and Jeers postings, someone asked what it would cost to employ him for a year and the community stumped up $60,000 in about 3 days to keep him.

THAT's why this blog is called a Networked World, that is the power that I'm interested in seeing at work.

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