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July 18, 2008



sadly, as with peak oil, all the research shows the human drama of climate change to be a nonsense. yes, we love drama. OH how we love drama! but the observations of fact show otherwise.

the simplest, most profound, most unarguable fact:
if the current warming climate change was caused by the greenhouse-effect (carbon), the atmosphere would be warming up faster than the earth, since the atmosphere warms the eath.
exactly the opposite is the case.

i could point out the other material effects which decry the delicious self-flagelating self-important drama of the carbon apocalypse, such as that the first ever test of CO2's atmospheric effects showing an absorption 80 TIMES higher than modelled (or to put it another way: CO2 absorbs 99.9something% of radiated heat within 10m of the earth's surface: buy a 3rd story flat if you want to maintain last century's climate if the CO2 level doubles); or that mars and jupiter (recently closely studied) are showing the same (distance-proportional) heating as the earth, or that we are so far inside the historic maximums of both heat and CO2 it's not funny (and, tellingly, they are separated by millions of years at a cyclical time), or that for the current CONSERVATIVE climatechange models to work we must all have grown up with regular frostbite as adabiatic -50° winds blast groundlevel daily, or that...


as i have said elsewhere: climate change is very real. but the current bandwagon of self(other!)flagellation is not related to what's happening.
but on a human perspective, if this is what it takes to get a majority of humans FINALLY fucking paying SOME attention to the effects their actions have on the world around them, and then working to minimise that, then i'm happy to wear the stupidities, on the basis of: getting the right answer for the wrong reasons.

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