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April 16, 2008



hmm. i saw it more as an execution failure. thing about people is they lie. until you've sat there gobsmacked as someone who's bullshitted about what's been really happening for the last 6 months, then playing the outraged victim card when pulled up, with the cost to the whole group's output counted for years afterwards, you don't realise just how little most managers truly can know about the specifics of what's actually being done in their name. if you check EVERYTHING, nothing gets done. we rely absolutely on Trust to achieve as much as we do as a society. which makes abuses of that trust that much more catastrophic in effect when they happen.

we _expect_ chinese managers & companies to shaft their employers (sic), so we _expect_ their houses and pills and etc. to be dodgy and fall down or be random drugs or etc.
we're just shocked when the same thing happens to us.

i'd be staggered if the titanic-builders' mgt actually suspected they were being shafted like that.


Human is a great liar throughout the history. We simply can't change that fact.
We lie for fun, as a habit, under pressure, under ideological cover, under secret order rules, etc.
I believe, your story about Titanic's bad finished structure could be true, because, even today, many projects are forced to finish in unfinished state, under the immense pressure of tight deadlines.
Sometimes, the projects are finished, but the final quality is much worse than it should have been, because of 'saving/cheating'.

Just another very sad example of humanly caused disasters, http://www.kolumbus.fi/estonia/
which was the result of clash between secret services of UK and Russia.
Poor innocent victims. God bless their souls.

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