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March 01, 2008


Paul Mason

Hi Earl. This isn't intended as a comment for your website – I just wanted to get in touch. I enjoyed your commments about Solo – but like most short newspaper articles there were a few things they missed out!

"He makes niche market, retro cycle clothing because HE LIKES it."I do like retro-style cycle clothing but the intention with Solo is to make money – it just happens to be a lot easier to run a successful business if you enjoy the product you're producing.

"He spends almost nothing on marketing"
I spend a truckload on advertising and marketing. Advertising in the cycle press, web banners, product reviews etc.

"...and worst of all, he doesn't even put his own brand on the gear"
All our product has the Solo logo displayed quite prominently on it. If you were wearing one of our Solo 'Equipe'(team) jerseys, and Solo socks, cap and kneewarmers, there would be 12 Solo logos visible.

"...all the brands and logos on the gear are fake." No – they're all 'real' Solo brands! As soon as they appear on one of our jerseys they become part of the Solo brand.

Cheers Earl. I'm going to have a good look around your website – looks like you've got some interesting stuff there.

Paul Mason
Director, Solo Ltd.

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