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February 29, 2008



To be fair to Vee, who seems like he is mad keen to get good work done, what he seems to have lost is a sense of perspective. It's always difficult when you have ideas and drive to see them stymied by the people you're trying to help.

In that sense, the most important two phrases Vee says during the conversattion are "its a lot of work Earl, but I agree we have to go down to the basics." and "might take some time for that 'trust' to kick in".

The understanding that Vee has reached through his discussion with you, the new perspective in a sense, is that you can't just assume that because you have good intentions, you'll be welcomed and accepted.

Good intentions will get you personally, motivated but not the people you are trying to help. That will take patience, effort and a complete understanding of what the people you are trying to help actually want rather than an understanding of what you think they need.

The older I get, and I'm only 29, the more I realise the truth in the saying 'nothing worthwhile is ever easy'. From the personal - being in a relationship (when you get lazy in a relationship is when the trouble starts) to losing weight (it won't stay off until you change the way you eat and live, diets aren't worth it, it takes a change in lifestyle) - to the wider world - helping a community develop by being an active member of it to changing your views and ideas before being accepted by a community you genuinely want to help - it takes a long time and a lot of work to really make a difference.

It often takes a critical self-examination before real effective change can be made or trust with another develop and that, while worthwhile, is never easy. I've read your blog for a while and I think that might be your main 'role', not pointing out the obvious but challenging perspectives and helping to bring people to the realisation that they need to change themselves or there thinking before they can effectively change the world.

Earl Mardle

Thanks Tom,

You have it in one, which is actually also why some of my clients have some trouble with me and don't ask me back, I figure they must want me to tell them exactly what I see and what I think should be done about.

That isn't always comfortable. And you are right about Vee, he is a great guy and he has done a lot of good things, but he is also a go-getter and can't understand depression or paralysis in others.

And very possibly he is the unconscious beneficiary of the very corruption and oppression that he wants to fight. He has no actual experience of what it is like to be on the other end.

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