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February 28, 2008



Nice try, indeed. I’ve heard of other ridiculous attempts, too, like the fake “download new video activeX object” message; the fake “new media codec end user agreement” during an install; the use of well-known logos you’d ordinarily trust, but if you look at the URL you see it’s a phishing attempt. It ain’t a picnic out there anymore! Which reminds me...

In and around the topic of the scurvy dogs out there, I’d like to know what you have to say about blog sites with an obviously automated process that searches the www for one or more key words, finds the key word(s) on your blog post, then adds a link to your post on their site usually with these words: "[blog post author] wrote an interesting post today...here’s a quick excerpt...read the rest of this great post here.” Two blog sites have linked to two of my posts. The first was a medically oriented blog that seems to be defunct now, but at least their automated process listed me as the author. But a Christian Times blog most recently linked to a post of mine with this text “mnfkxia40 wrote an interesting post today...” No, no, not mnfkxia40! And I'd like to choose own affiliations, thank you very much. So in their “Leave a Reply” field I mentioned the misrepresentation issue stating my post is the sole intellectual property of missalister, that I am in no way affiliated with Christian Times, and I requested them to unlink, etc. but that’s just another automaton! Is there a way to reach a live individual to deal with it? And what about this as it relates to the grand scale of things? Not so important? Or should/could something be done? and what and how? What do you think?

Earl Mardle

MissA, thanks for the update on other little scams.

On the other stuff, I had to switch the comments to approval because one guy was just being a pain and wasting my time,

As for the other stuff, my attitude is, if you are on the web, anyone can link to you and any attempt to break that breaks the thing that makes it worthwhile. I've been scathing about news sources for example that try to stop people deep linking to stories because it means that visitors don't have to click through all their top level pages and see all their adverts which is in breach of their business model and has to be stopped.

Some idiots even try to stop search engines indexing their sites on copyright grounds for crying out loud. Google did a nice little job a while ago by removing all links to the aggrieved sites and there was rapid recanting - idiots.

Trackbacks on the other hand can be pernicious when they get farmed by the unscrupulous, but on balance I would rather be able to put in a trackback to someone else's blog and just deal with the occasional spam attack on mine.

Actually, I've been asking Typepad for years for the ability to set a rolling horizon for posts which allows open comments and trackbacks for a time I can specify, then switches to approval for older posts.

Most of the spam comments I get are to the "Light Posting" post I put up a while ago, they probably think it means I'm away from the machine and they can litter the place with their rubbish while I'm gone.

Net/net, its a better world for most of this stuff and we deal with the ratbags when we need to, part of the cost of freedom of information.


LOL! Checking back for comments here I realized I did the Emily Litella thing again! What to do with me? I am curious about the automated blog issue, though.


>>> "...if you are on the web, anyone can link to you and any attempt to break that breaks the thing that makes it worthwhile."

>>> "Net/net, its a better world for most of this stuff and we deal with the ratbags when we need to, part of the cost of freedom of information."

That makes good sense. I agree with that. I’m still learning and wasn’t sure of the “alarm quotient” in this particular case. Thanks much, Earl ...and thanks also for the explanation regarding the comments. You deal with some pretty cutting edge and controversial issues here, so I can imagine you get some real loo-loos! ;-)

Earl Mardle

Actually MissA, not really, the vast majority of people are positive and civil, the spammers don't care about the content anyway so I have avoided the real nasties, if they are there.

Presumably I'm not important enough, so attacking me doesn't get you any kudos.

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