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November 29, 2007



vienna! one of my favourite cities!!

used to travel there quite frequently -- several of the austrian banks'/instos' head offices were clients.

next time you go, you have to have a big plate of ash-golden chanterelles in Do & Co, on the skyline balcony, looking out over the cathedral and the city. or a beer on the river-side path. or kaffee and kuche in the palace cafe. or *witters off into the middle distance*

Earl Mardle

Sal, nice to see you again, thanks for the bulk interventions.

I LOVE Vienna, one of the best times of my life included climbing the stairs in the Stephansdom and looking down on the city and the magnificent roof of the Cathedral.

Actually you just reminded me to upload the Vienna pics, including the hilarious one of the renovations to the Cathedral featuring a huge photo of the part of the building hidden behind the scaffolding.

Can't you just see the day when the scaffolding will go up, the photos will go on and the whole damned thing will be nicked from inside and nobody will notice.

I'll be looking for the bits at your place first off.

As for the chantarelles, I get them fresh from the troll forest around Marsta in Sweden where my mates and I pick them and cook them in the same hour. And I sure as hell can't afford the prices other people charge for them, but if I can get a kaffe and sachertorte and the view, I'll be in.

Although I have to go in summer next time, wandering about in 5 degrees is bracing, refreshing, mind clearing, but could do better.


When are you going to PodCast it. ;-)

Earl Mardle

Hmm, even I might swerve at podcasting a nice evaluation.

Oh, wait....

50 minutes is a serious recording commitment, but I'll see what I can do. I'll see if I can find the original script and post that as a starter.

Jon Husband

Congratulations !

And I noticed the "5" across the board re: non-promotion.

What ? You didn't mention that you can find out all about Yellow Pages down under through your blog ?

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