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October 18, 2007



i was going to say something about conditional vs unconditional (dependent on previous conditions or independent), but you're way past me and over the hills re the more usual definition of chaos so i'll shut up.

love (in context) "learning lessons is more important than lessons learned", btw. and charles fort's effort is outstanding in its simplicity and power.

Earl Mardle

Sal, feel free to let rip any time.

I would bet that even (especially) when you are totally wrong, you are still great entertainment.

And Fort was a superb person. He aggregated and accumulated data then found the most outrageous connections and new pathways through it. He was a conceptual blender, a rigorous, deterministic process that leads to chaotic outcomes.

And that line BTW was inserted at proof stage when his publisher pointed out that a page ended badly and he needed a single line to round it out. Fort grabbed the pen and wrote it in 5 seconds.

I read it when I was maybe 17 and it has stayed with me for 40 years as a beautiful piece of thinking.

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