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July 04, 2007


Last Man Thinking

It is time to face reality and call evil by its proper name. Not resisting evil is not an option.


Earl Mardle

Good point last man.

Lying your way into a war of aggression against a nation that offers no threat to you is evil.

Invading said country to steal its oil so you can support inherently unsustainable ways of life is evil.

Corrupting politicians of small nations so you can get cheap access to their resources is evil.

Having people work in unsafe conditions for slave wages so you can have cheap shirts and shoes is evil.

Using your economic and promotional muscle to seduce farmers into using your genetically modified seeds that are dependent on your fertilizer and weed killer then prosecuting them for having the temerity to grow a second crop from the seed without paying you all over again is evil.

Beating people up in a pub while accusing them of being suicide bombers because of their apparent ethnicity is evil.

Thinking that causing indiscriminate death is OK because you have a beef with someone you can't get to directly is evil.

Yep, lets call it what it is.

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