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March 29, 2007



Wouldn't it be great to finally get a politician that 'gets' the net?

Earl Mardle

You bet. I think Gore does, and Howard dean gets grassroots networking and distributed power sources, but nobody I can think of actually wades in and feels at home.

And I live in Australia where the pols think they can control it by local legislation.

Ack Thbbptptp!


Here in Ireland all the political parties now have web sites, some are Blogging and doing podcasts, WOW.

Jon Husband

No argument from me, of course.

I wonder what (not if) vehicles the PTB will use to try to legislate and monitor control. The net neutrality toing-and-froing seems to be the key issue for now, and of course the telcos and PTB are glad of each others' sympathy and support, but there will be subsequent attempts, of that I have no doubt.

I suspect that big media will coopt much of what was once known as blogging, including much of the political blogging. the bright lights will remain as rare as truly effective investigative journalists have been, but there will be larger and more easily-reached audiences. But the spin applied will be (already is) massive, and propaganda as an art and science is likely to reach new heights .. humans being humans, wot ?

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