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September 24, 2006



>The people who own newspapers don't care whp reads them, don't care what's in them, don't care about anything but more money.

mmmm. yes and no (i reckon).
the INSPIRED ones care about who reads them BECAUSE that makes them more money. capitalism non-subverted by ego needs tends to provide markets with what they genuinely want. by dint of harsh evolution.

"never ascribe to malice [conspiracy/plan] that which is adequately explainable by stupidity [selfish ego-centric social games]"

h.g.wells has a stonking foreword he wrote to a reprint of his "time machine", which you might still be able to find in brisbane's UQ's Central Library, to the effect that his youthful dreams of wise or far-sighted captains of industry have crumbled in the face of bitter experience revealing only "plungers" and fools. which, you know, was my experience when i first read it and has only every been violently and repetitively underlined ever since.

i really recommend you read "The Insider" by Piers Morgan, a UK newspaper editor of the tabloids for many years. over and above it being a hilarious read (not intentionally ;), what comes roaring off the page is that murdoch is more in touch with the market than any of his editors. the big stupidities are coming from the editors prancing about in cargo-cult style imitation of what they think HE wants, whereas he is trying to deliver what the MARKET wants.


plus a lot of your suspicions about the intellectual machinery of the press will be heavily underlined ;)

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