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August 06, 2006



Thanks for the mention of (shameless plug)


I agree and would like to see better station sharing capability built into the regular player. Until then maybe the Crispy News site can be a jumping off point.



Earl: I just added an additional Sqeezebox by Slim Devices (www.slimdevices.com) which enables Pandora and have had a similar delightful experience - works a treat is super smooth and I am in love with it - My question: will it remain free? Can't work out the business model or licencing issues around this brilliant resource, Mark

Earl Mardle

Hi Mark.

I'm envious of the Squeeze box. i'm thinking more and more that what I need is a WiFi media server for the house, so if I can squeeze out some $$ somewhere, it might be on the horizon.

My assumption is that Pandora takes a commission on the sales via Amazon and iTunes, plus the advertising revenue and the subscriptions.

I'll ask Etienne if he will do an interview.


Earl: Wicked Digital is a Sydney-based supplier - $499 for the Squeezebox (check out

They also have the new Transporter Music Server (only $3000!)

Squeezebox is my next gadget ...


There is a stand-alone Pandora player called Open Pandora with many features. http://openpandora.googlepages.com/

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