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July 12, 2006


Jon Husband

It suddenly occurred to me that, what with the blog and the flickr and assorted comments on websites around the net, I also have a very public identity; and that the more public that identity is, the harder it will be to steal

The same sort of logic applies wrt to ... many have asked me if I have ever copyrighted and/or trademarked the word "wirearchy".

Copyrighted, yes, because it's easy .. I started down the trademark path about 4 or 5 years ago, and then decided fuck it ... it;s just a word, a concept, maybe useful to many or all , and anyway if someone styarted trying to use it for whatever reasons, there's now 5+ years of it and me plastered all over the Web (well, not ALL over, but often enough here and there to ensure that it's clear that it is a part of my identity.

This leads, of course, to the sister phenomenom of "lack of slack" in this binary linked environment (weinberger has written convincingly on this several times before). You're fine if you have nothing to hide, really .. it makes to old saw of "what a tangled web we weave" come to life in new and interesting ways.



I have not commented on this as was thinking about it deeply, and I was a bit out of regular contact with the internet in the back and beyond of Donegal.

But the 'Trust' issue that I placed in your keeping is still more or less a computer/security one. Everyone knows the twin issues of security, Authentication, and Authorization. But there is a hierarchy to security and the level above also holds 'Authority' which is bifurcated in to 'The Authority' and 'An Authority'. Everyone has had a boss that was 'The Authority' but who was not 'An Authority' on the subject matter of the work. In any trust relationship an authority can request authorization from the authority to grant a requesting entity authorization after an authority has authenticated their identity.

Authority, also holds a different meaning, in that Identification does not necessarily carry any authority on the subject matter. So in this instance, my heightened identification, information beyond the pseudonym I have previously been associated with, is a means of identifying me as a person at some level 'an authority' in that subject matter.

And it's probabally good for a laugh once in a while as well. ;-)

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