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June 10, 2006


Jon Husband

Our protectors are being played. Because too many people in the west have moved into meta fear, they are now terrified of even feeling afraid, a self winding watch.

So very true, imo. We just had ourt first real instance of this in Canada with the arrest of a dozen or so terrorist plotters in Toronto, who from all accounts were royal bumblers. But our newly elected (minority government) conservative PM was practically beside himself with glee .. and there was a predictable outpouringof the need to ramp up our fear.

Fuck, it pisses me off. If any of these galoots were serious about addressing terrorism, they would start a real and society-wide engaged conversation about root causes and how large economic and social justice imbalances might be addressed. IMHO.

Earl Mardle


We need a networkd aprpaoch to security, one that seeks to make sure that the greatest number of people ahve the greatest vested interest in our wellbeing.

You can do this in two ways, like a drug dealer who hands out collective punishment to a whole community when anyone transgresses (Iran suggesting that energy might get a bit scarce if the US does the wrong thing for example) or by making sure that relationships with us is a source of benefit.

We tried the first one, it really hasnt worked. The question is whether we are stupid enough to believe that more of the cause of the problem will lead to its solution.

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