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May 25, 2006


Mark Bradley

Welcome back to the Antipodes - I would say from own experiences your situations were 'normal' - a bit like the 'old' days when used used alligator clips in France and Italy to connect to compuserve....screwdrivers were also useful but gosh the weird things you find behind beds... At least we don't need to do that anymore



The wireless network you found is probably "AIRPORT HOTSPOT", which is a pay-for network. If you can get into the Koru lounge you'll get access to their password protected "free" network, which they do give instructions for :)

Earl Mardle

Hi mark,

It WAS the Koru club lounge, I earned my Gold pass the hard way, with my feet tucked in my trouser pockets in the back of the plane, but at least I get the short checkin queue, the 40KG limit (as if I could lift it without wrecking my back) AND the Koru club.

The problem was that, despite the instructions, despite borrowing a LAN cable in exchange for my boarding pass, despite every trick I know, it wouldn't work.

The same happened in LA, I could use Skype, but the web was AWOL.

Unlike Austrian Airline's club in Vienna or Thai's Bangkok where it works a treat.

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