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April 10, 2006


Fazal Majid

It's not industrial production of content that produces junk, it's publishers' conviction that any crap will sell if marketed deftly enough. If you look at the commercial success of Britnet Spears, who could blame them for entertaining such a belief?

Of course, that situation is not sustainable, as is becoming abundantly clear, fatigue eventually sets in. Independent labels that actually respect their customers have no problems finding genuine talent and making profits, if not on the grandiose scale needed to support a Diller.

Fazal Majid

BTW, the star system is nothing new. If this article is to be believed, contrary to popular conceptions, Mozart raked in the dough, and only died broke because he had a gambling problem:


Earl Mardle

Completely agree, but Mozart was a prolific artisan, not an industrial producer.

And lets face it, stars live on the very edge at the best of times, sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

How he blew it isn't to the point, how he made it is and Mozart made it the straight way as far as I can see.

Salieri notwithstanding.

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