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February 16, 2006



Leunig was never in any danger although he might have thought so. He has to at least accept some responsibility since he was the cartoonist responsible and had wanted his work to be published in The Age.
As for Richard, it is clear from when he said "wouldn't this be funny?" that he never intended his prank to be anything more than poking fun at the absurdity of the zealous and reactionary response to what were meant to be satirical cartoons.

[EM] They were never meant to satifircal, satire inbvites people to laugh at something because it is inherently overblown, self contradictory or just plain pompuis. But not all cartoons are satirical. Nazi cartoons of fat, predatory Jews were never meant to make people laugh, they were designed to engender hate. That was the problem.

As for Leunig being in dange ror not, you are not in a position to guarantee that and neither was Cooke. Given that the Editor of the Jyllands Posten was, maybe still, in hiding, the possibility of danger was on the cards.

But in the end, the problem is cowardice and perversion of intellectual property. He took someone else's work, put it out of context in a place where it would create genuine hatred and tried to hide behind "its just a joke". He should have been fired.

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