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February 22, 2006



I was playing around with this a few weeks ago which is more or less what you're asking for.


Lots of widgets 'n' stuff but you design their appearance in a graphical editor.

Problem is, it's very techy. Even I had a hard time figuring out how to get it to all work and although it was kinda cool when I finally did, I also just lost interest and let it go :-)

Someone also wrote a channel hook for Awasu using a customizable ticker utility that could also do what you're looking for:


Some people will prefer a scrolling display rather than a bunch of things that permanantly take up space on their desktop.

Earl Mardle

Hi Taka,

I was writing this up and thinking, I'll bet Taka could whip one of these up in a flash.

OK, so delete flash, I'll look at Samurize.

Jon Husband

The Qumana drop pad isn't a widget, though it could be I'm sure. Jon?

yes, it could be .. and if I remember correctly, it's not the first time you've suggested this to us. And .. it's not that we don't listen and take your critiques and wishes (very) seriously, it's just that up until very recently we have had essentially no resources to do more than make the basic Q work as well as it can .. bug fixes, cross-platform, etc. And even that has been done essentially on a wing and a prayer.

We are in active discussion re: what to make a widget and what to make a bookmarklet, etc. in the workflows suggested / available in Q.

And, as always, thanks for your interest and feedback.

And #2 .. I have been very delinquent in getting in contact with Taka, but have not forgotten whatsoever .. and hope to do so soon. Thanks again for the (previous) electronic intro.

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