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January 29, 2006



I thought this was funny also. The internet is much like any broadcast media. Like Shortwave, it goes every where. But the worst part of this is that is does not provide the results that are expected. If they are producing propaganda, and it's not true, then there are sources, in the same media, that will contradict it, and hence make it a lie. It will be ignored, like any lie, and the source, being contaminated, will be useless.

The fall of the iron curtain has much more to do with Radio free Europe and the Internet as it does with any foreign policy of the U.S.

The foundation of Radio Free Europe was the Truth. Nothing else, just a source of reliable truth. The internet performs much the same delivering verifiable truth. And source that does not will fail to deliver it's message.

Hence government attempts to control the messenger, as opposed to the message, which they can't. The guise is pornography, 'protect the children' and guess what, once the filters are in place, other 'objectionable' subject matter can be eliminated as well.

Earl Mardle

I agree branedy. I see, for example, Google's cave in to the Chinese as a huge problem because if China can force Google to filter results, other governments will be close behind, including the US, Australia etc.

My side door is that corporate business in particular, and business geenrally, can't now survive without the Internet, a functioning, mostly whole Internet.

And when it comes to the military industrial complex, the Industrial usually wins. Except for one or two famous times when it didn't. But then we'll have other stuff to worry about than whether or not google is turning up all possible results.

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