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January 27, 2006


Jon Husband

Love that last paragraph .. I infer from it that there will be some sort of organizing principle evolve (that I might call *wirearchy* ;-)

Earl Mardle

Actually Jon, its not the last paragraph. I'm testing the new Qumana and had to post in haste when my keyboard, for non-Q reasons, locked up.

I was about to talk about your kind hospitality and throw in a bit of Wirearchy when the keyboard gremlin hit. Then I needed to leave the posting as it was until our friend Arieanna coiuld have a look at the output.

There are plenty more reasons to like Vancouver, and I'll get to them today, promise.

Roland Tanglao

yup the networked world is here, it's just not obvious to most yet! thanks for the link!

Bryan Rieger

"And of course I am working to get them to give a demo at MoMoVan say in March or April."

Please do consider giving a demo at an upcoming MoMoVan, just drop me a line with a few details.



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