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August 25, 2005



Maybe this is the reason that Bush has been pushing the ID stuff into the schools. To make the rest of the population as weak as he is.

As for stupid people, I remember a quote from Larry Niven about 'Two rules for life'

1) Never argue with someone holding a machine-gun.
2) Never stand next to someone who is arguing with someone with a machine-gun.

This principle works in most cases, and I have a corollary;

1) Don't do anything terminally stupid
2) and don't be near anyone who is behaving terminally stupid.

This works in almost all cases, except the one you mention.

When someone is being terminally stupid with the environment,
where do you go?

Another planet!

A. Reader

Dear Earl,

I too am a believer in the importance of the environment, and am outraged by the way the earth's resources are being abused by a bunch of wallies seeking only to make an excessive profit, regardless of the destruction they are causing for the wellbeing of all of us.

But, I am afraid you miss the point in your criticism of the CNN interviewer (not an interview I actually saw, I hasten to add, although I do watch Anderson). The point of such interviews on a station like CNN is not to push a particular line, but to lay out a variety of views (usually "for" and "against"). As you acknowledge, the question "some people would say, blah, blah, what do you think of that?" actually provided the meterologist with the chance to explain in detail the whole picture relating to climate change. If Anderson had simply said "isn't it terrible what's happening to the environment today, and aren't you outraged by those in denial?" then the cue she would have been giving to the meterologist would have been to launch into some kind of diatribe, which would certainly not have been so educational for the viewer.

[EM] Sorry A, but I interviewed people on any number of topics every day for 20 years and Ms Anderson doesn't get it. You get someone to talk by asking them open questions about the matter at issue, throwing in vague, unsustantiated challenges that have no provenance or detail is either laziness or carrying water; and my bet is the latter.

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