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August 08, 2005



Not that I wanna be a blogwhore, and so I won't offer any links .. just wanted to note that i and some others I was reading a year and a half ago or so said much the same thing several times. I used to rattle on about the osmosis that happened using *memebranes* and so on ... blogs enable the *scuttling back and forth between tacit and explicit*, which has always been the problematic issue in what has euphemistically been called knowedge *management*. Organizations, of course, don't like things that aren't perceived as manageable and measurable and the building, distributing and use of knowledge involves those messy humans, who are biological processes, big clumps of cells if you will. After years as a management consultant in the OD/Leadership area, I find it increasingly troublesome to think of all the ways that people try to manage people Iand all of the consulting that is sold to corporations to mold people into some form of cog rather than a viable living cell in another form of organism. I believe that it would be much more effective over a longer term to concentrate on the conditions where the cells can find the interactions they need to flourish or connect with other cells to help something bigger than either cell flourish. This is imo an important aspect of the process of blogging wrt some purposeful objective or area of exploration, study, action.

Sometime between 5 and 10 years ago, some of the big thinkers about learning and life in organization, like Peter senge and Arie de geus, wrote about knowledge work anbd organizations in biological terms, Senge noting that building an effective and responsive organization was not unlike growing a complex garden, and de Geus wrote the book "The Living Organization". Much of this has been lost in the last 5 years as business and societal activities have become more and more short-tern efficiency-oriented, or dependent upon financial engineering.

All of the interesting action is at the periphery, and much of what has promise as new business logics or more open-systems architectures .. (and all of the excitement of the relatively newly-discovered dynamics of blogging, where all sorts of really smart and.or empassioned people are foregoing what would probably have been good jobs in large corporations or institutions to do all this thinking, writing, arguing,creating, osmosing, etc.) is being ferociously guarded against by the established business order. Transition phases are always turbulent, as when water subjected to heat begins to boil, bubbling madly as it passes into the form known as steam or vapour.

The last part of your post is of course where we will end up, in some form(s) or other ... imo.

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