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June 01, 2004



Um, I don't think everyone likes the idea:



Earl Mardle

Its very funny for sure, and well worth the visit.

Purple hash marks may not be the greatest implementation of the idea, although they are better than the numbers for sure, but they do enable other people to establish fairly fine grained connections to what I think are appropriately sized units of meaning, ie paragraphs.

They enable a search engine to bring together keywords and local context without making any claims about their value or importance or even their meaning, that is left to me, the observer.

In the academic citation model, we quote a sentence, maybe only a few words, then link to the whole page and the document. Purple Numbers enable that process to be hypertextual, works for me. And it enables me to work from the inside out, I can get to exactly what seems relevant in a document and accept or discard it, rather than having to start with the whole and rummage round for the parts.

Some form of this will work. I'm also interested in the comments on Mark's site which seem to be following the Ghandi trajectory.

"First they ignore you; then they mock you; then they punish you; then you win." We are already up to mocking, two steps to go.

Chris Dent

Very interesting comments, thank you. You've pretty much hit the big vision on the head.

This is something of a relief. It is also a relief that you recognize that this is a step on the way to something, something that's not fully defined, that will change as the journey progresses.

I hope the punishment for disrupting is not too dire for anti-authoritarians like ourselves.

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