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February 19, 2004



Well, I am glad you like Furl (I do too), but it's not quite a Memigo competitor, now is it? I've thought of expanding Memigo to a full-blown bookmark manager that would be context-aware (Furl and its kin isn't), but I don't see the ROI (even in non-$ terms, just plain traffic and growth of the service) in doing that.

ROI is a good point, what interests me about Furl is that it enables, essentially, a mimi blog to be generated with ease and the content to be cached, categorised and rated by multiple users.

I can see a possible market for content providers to get some aggregated feedback on what users make of their content, both ratings and categories to which it is assigned.

There's nothing then to stop Furl from enabling users to receive services along the lines of Memigo's "these people also rate this stuff highly" and "if you like this you might like that or be interested in this person". Clip on a messaging tool and you have the foundation for a social tool based on shared appreiatiopn of content.

Set up RSS feeds based on categories, enable multiple users to post to the list and there is a fast and dirty tool for sharing closely related material among a working group.

I can also see some value, (and some possible copyright hassles) in the cached copies. Give me the ability to select a category, enter a date range or other criteria (like author or publication) and download a zipped file with all the selected content and I'll be more than interested for a couple of knoweldeg worker projects I'm working on.


Spectacular Furl for sure but with my opera 7.5 the 'furl it' bookmarklets raise the form with all empty fields. Can anyone clip me round the ears with the solution please.

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