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November 07, 2003




Actually, I don't have a particular preference for PR as a use of RSS. I'm enough of a techie to be the opposite, in fact :-) But the general idea still holds in principle: using RSS to monitor a constant flow of changing information. That's why we've put so much time and effort into Awasu's plugins and channel hooks and other ways of extending it, so that you can retrieve and monitor the information that *you* want. And that's why RSS is different from the push "revolution" we were supposed to have a few years ago. Push was big companies forcing crap they wanted to sell onto us and that's why it was never going to work. With RSS, and with Awasu in particular, you get to choose what you get to see, wherever it might be, and that's cool :-)

Phil Gomes
Of course, it raises the perfectly valid question of how those PR people get their RSS feeds added to Mark's aggregator.
Solution: Be interesting to Mark.
The beauty of email is that it enables me to contact you with an idea, even if we have never met. Most of the time that's a nuisance, but sometimes its worth following up.
I don't think anyone will disagree. Those that say that RSS is an email replacement are fooling themselves. In this case, I believe that Mr. Jones et al would like RSS for corporate communications that are not directed solely to them and are otherwise blast-emailed.


Phil Gomes
Longtime Awasu User *8-)

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