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September 10, 2003


James Farmer

Thanks for the thoughts Earl... nice to find another downunder blogger :o)

I'm v. interested in the push/pull thing... always have been! I wonder if the real power of personal publishing is that it is the first technology that really binds push & pull together?

Earl Mardle

I have a theory, now THERE'S a suprise, that almost anything works, as long as too many people don't do it.

The Japanese are great savers, obsessive savers, that's part of the reason their economy was so strong and has now stagnated for over a decade; the US and Aussies are great spenders, we spend money we don't have, we wont ever have, that's part of the reason the US especially is the world's biggest debtor nation.

The balance comes from people adopting different strategies because each strategy creates niches for other people to fill with different strategies. A jigsaw that is made of identical but irregular pieces will never fit together, the same with any ecology. Its only when everyone wants to be the lion that the lions end up eating each other and the last one starves to death.

I think the online world is similar, there are different strategies using different tools that work more, or less, at different times. Our biggest problem is that we imagine that there is one answer and that we either have it (fanatics of all stripes) or we don't (victimhood) both are wrong - to a degree.

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