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September 23, 2003



That's the beauty of the icosahedral Dymaxion map: The faces are chosen on an odd pole so as to avoid cutting any landmass, but that "one world-island in a one-world ocean" arrangement" is not the only way to view it, and that's the intention -- at the BFI.org you can purchase the map as a children's wood-block puzzle that can be re-arranged in any configuration, the idea being that, as you navigate the globe, you re-arrange the pieces to place the current face in the centre.

This is how it suits air-navigation so well: Straight lines on the Dymaxion are great circles, so with Oz at the centre, you'd come to understand your transport-line relationships with places like Hongkong.

Although it doesn't explain why there are so many New Zealanders in Vancouver ...

As for Synchronicity, the statistical explanation of it is simple and elegant, and hard to argue against, and shows once again how Jung, who was so duped by Nazi philosophy as to become their prime psych oracle (he was editor-in-chief of their 'psych' journal), was easily 'duped' by anything that served his purpose for the moment ;) ... it turns out, in a large enough population, that blazingly improbable co-incidences happen all the time -- all you have to do is throw out the 99.9% of non-synchronous details that obscure them ...

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