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July 29, 2003




I just ran across this blog. I can't agree more with your comments about the Sematic web. However, I disagree with you on Doc's piece -- it's the same old muddle and does NOT indicate how to get past the logjams. I wrote an analysis at:
I'd be delighted to read your feedback on it.


Who owns the internet?

Earl Mardle

No-one has to own it for someone tries to steal it. Think "enclosure", think the tragedy of the commons. It is possible to steal something that is owned by everyone. It is still theft.


"It is possible to steal something that is owned by everyone. It is still theft."

I agree. My question was little more naive. The Internet was (is?) public. Taxpayers owned it. DoD created it with academic and industry types to communicate in the event of a large attack by
the ultimate corporation/government communism.
At least that is what I read.

Today I do not know. Isps and longhauls like worldcom. I suspect they are still subsidized by DoD.

"It's happened because for years now Congress has allowed it to happen. We now have an exact replica of the medieval Stationers' Company, which controlled the English copyrights, only its names today are Disney, Bertelsmann, and AOL Time Warner."

the Constitution was a great idea. Too bad the the "Left" has destroyed it. There is your thief.

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